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溫柔中的堅定,Ein  Brera




Ein Brera,以色列IDF國防軍的口號,表達為了捍衛所相信的價值而別無選擇與懸念的意志。



表述 Expression

talk the talk, walk the walk


Established in the year 2020, a season of turmoil and downturn.


Catastrophe and apocalypse seem to be on the horizon,


Our backs against the wall.


And that is how we define “Ein Brera”


We don't give up despite struggles and despair.


Fully engaged, we dive into this passion. 


Undistracted devotion to one thing.



Ein Brera: Unwavering Hope



Blending various elements with one vision:


Hebrew Language, Jewish Culture, and Modern Israeli Vibe.


Exploring a boundless territory, with keen sensitivity.



Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk



Unbeholden to trends, we have our own opinions.


Expression that echoes what we believe, with style.


Gentle determination, and strength that lies within.



Our True Colors




*Ein Brera is a motto for IDF (Israel Defense Force), meaning “no alternative”.